At North Oakland Chiropractic, our greatest joy is helping someone get well.

Under Dr. William Ruch’s pioneering biophysical chiropractic care, you will be considered in your entirety, as a whole person. Your entire past, present and intended future are taken into account when addressing your causes of pain and injury.

Using gentle, safe, and highly effective adjustment techniques, normal motion and alignment will be restored to your joints. This reduces pain, inflammation and limitation; allows the mind and nervous system to relax; and begins the healing process.

Then, skilled and soothing hands of our clinically trained massage therapists will help unwind tight muscles and release holding patterns within the body. Laser therapy can provide an additional boost of pain relief and accelerates the healing process.

It sounds simple, because it is – but the results are unmistakable. In over 30 years of practice, Dr. Ruch’s method of chiropractic care has saved many people from unnecessary surgeries, difficult recoveries, and life-altering chronic pain. Maintenance care has helped many more live active, healthy lives, even after severe car accidents or the onset of osteoarthritis.

If you’re in pain, and still don’t have any answers, please call us – we’d love to help get you back to your best!

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