• Advanced Chiropractic Care for Everyone

    We specialize in gentle, painless adjustment techniques that bring profound positive changes, even for patients with special needs.

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    Advanced Chiropractic Care for Everyone
  • Rapid Recovery with Laser Therapy

    FDA-approved infrared deep tissue laser therapy accelerates healing and relieves pain - with no side effects! Safe for use on any area of inflammation, and over implants, joint replacements, wounds and fractures.

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    Rapid Recovery with Laser Therapy
  • Massage Therapy That Gets Results

    Our team of certified and insured massage therapists are trained in a variety of modalities to soothe soreness and stress, help you hold your adjustments and encourage healthy patterns.

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    Massage Therapy That Gets Results
  • Injury Recovery Specialists

    No matter how severe or chronic your injury, we have the tools you need to restore your musculoskeletal health 100% - so you can get back to being your best!

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    Injury Recovery Specialists

Advanced Care

We specialize in treating multiple injuries and patients who are not candidates for traditional chiropractic manipulation with gentle adjustments.
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Easy Payment

We accept cash/self-pay, HSA/FSA, and many major insurance providers including Medicare, as well as MedPay for personal injury claims.
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Pain Solutions

Experience the power of laser therapy and massage therapy integrated with chiropractic care to accelerate your healing process and relieve pain now!
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We're available Mon, Wed, Fri. Please call us to schedule chiropractic and massage therapy at (510) 653-0682. You can schedule laser therapy online right now!
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Patient Testimonials

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Karamio M.

Oakland, CA
I can't believe there are not a million reviews for Dr Ruch & his amazing team of massage therapists. He is the primary reason I am functioning without pain in my arms, shoulders, ribs, back and legs. He has decades of experience and uses gentle effective techniques that he has honed and developed over his years of practice. The soft tissue work done before/after the adjustments makes the work even more effective. You will also get a good education about what's going on with your body as Dr Ruch is an educator as well as a master chiropractor. I have seen a lot of different health practitioners over the years, and he is the real deal when it comes to understanding joint dysfunction and pain.

David F.

Walnut Creek, CA
If you're considering chiropractic, see Dr. Ruch. In 1982, I was in a horrific accident that made it impossible for me to stand let alone walk for no more than two hours. This was at the age of 22. I have been able to live an active and employed life thanks to Dr. Ruch. What ever your pain, body ache, limp, or discomfort Dr. Ruch can make it better.

Gautam G.

San Ramon, CA
The difference between an good primary care physician and a great one is not that significant but when one is talking about a chiropractic physician, it is huge. I have been seeing Dr. Ruch since 2008. He fixed a numbness in my arm accompanied by shooting pain in 2 visits. Since then he has rectified habits that caused the pain in the first place. If you have pain and want to avoid surgery (which may not help anyway), see Dr. Ruch. He is the best!

Cynthia M.

Oakland, CA
Dr. Ruch is not your average chiropractor. I found out that he has decades of experience teaching anatomy & skills at a chiro college, and it shows. He knows and understands that body and has gently and skillfully adjusted not only my spine & hips, but also my feet, hands & lower legs. He took me out of pain from an injury long ago, and I like to visit as I need or just to check that things are in line. As a massage therapist this is very important for my own health and longevity. He is truly amazing.


Dr. Ruch has developed his gentle, full-body chiropractic techniques based on 30+ years of research and practice. Check out his educational series to see the most common causes of pain and how we can help you get out of it!
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